Ironbark Outfitters

Ironbark Outfitters specializes in fully guided archery Water Buffalo hunts in the Northern Territory of Australia. We have the exclusive rights to operate on a huge tract of private land spaning nearly one million acres. The property consists of one main river system with many creek systems, tributaries and billabong’s throughout. Wide open flood plains mixed with pockets of dense forest offer a great habitat for all animals including water buffalo, scrub bulls, pigs, wild horses, wild dogs, and a variety of reptiles birds and fish.



Upcoming Hunt Info:

Our 2017 season was a huge success with 13 bowhunters harvesting 15 buffalo!

Our 2018 season is nearly booked full so book early for 2019 to get preferred dates!

Check out available dates!


About Ironbark Outfitters

Although we are a new Outfitter we have taken over the hunting rights from a good friend who previously outfitted Archery only hunters on the property for the past 11 years. Typically, 8-12 Archers were the only hunters the buffalo saw in a 2-month time Frame. His success rates were at 100% opportunity with a 90% Success rate with Buffalo Averaging 95 SCI and buffalo over 100 SCI harvested Annually.

Tyler Chubb the Owner of Ironbark Outfitters Is an avid outdoorsman, he grew up hunting, fishing and trapping from a young age. Tyler was 11 years old when he started bow hunting and has been doing so for the past 16 years this is his greatest passion. Tyler is actually a Canadian Citizen. In 2012-2013 Tyler Spent a year travelling, hunting and working in Australia, he fell in love with the country, but Canada was home. It was in August of 2014 when Tyler was in Canada’s Northwest Territories guiding a Muskox hunt, when he met his girlfriend Kyla an adventurous Australian who had spent 2 full seasons working in the Arctic as a housekeeper/waitress at the fishing lodge where the muskox hunts took place. Since then Tyler and Kyla have been together in your not so typical long distance relationship. Not only do they have the long-distance factor of the relationship Tyler’s line of work as a hunting guide often has him in the remote parts of Canada without internet or cell service. With two people who respect each other’s goals and dreams and willing to make things work with long periods of separation, they have made it work and are now trying to shorten those periods of separation by Tyler applying for Residency in Australia and starting Ironbark Outfitters!


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